100+ Best Cloud Computing Companies 2021

Top 100+ Cloud Computing Service Providing Companies

Looking for Best and Top Cloud computing companies in the World? then have the list of top 100 providers for your business. Cloud computing is a state-of-the-art technology that enables any business or company to access the right resources online to develop and improve the infrastructure and optimize various aspects of the company. It brings with it a wide range of assets that shape the very foundation of the business.

Throughout the years, cloud computing has been constantly being reformed for providing better IT service. It has been advancing so that every customer can succeed and outperform their competitors with the use of clouds. There are various types of clouds and applications that can help a client build and progress with this company.

The three main application platforms are Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). For each of these parts, there are various tools that a client can use to make a mark in his field.

Also see top cloud computing companies in the USA,  India, and Canada.

Having an edge over your competitors is an important part of succeeding in this tough world of today. Cloud computing is the right technology to help a business reach new heights. It can help the company right from the start-up and through the various other stages of development, networking, building applications, testing, and maintenance.

For a business to thrive well, it is important to be cost-effective. Capital costs along with various other expenses can place a large burden on the business which is short of funds. These companies usually have a lower chance of rising to the level of their competitors leave alone having an advantage over them. But with the use of cloud computing, small businesses can not only come up to the level of well-off companies but have an extra edge over them as well.

Clients have no reason to spend a large amount of money for initiation. Utilizing cloud computing is a cheaper option and a better way of managing and maintaining the software’s developing applications and programs, setting up an IT department, updating data, and securing information. The main problem of cost and expenses is reduced if not eliminated since providers of this technology offers several options to help the business progress.

Clients wouldn’t have to purchase hardware of any kind that would be used to set up any technology. Cloud computing is done purely through the connection of the internet.

All setup would be done by the service provider along with the specifications required by the client. With most of the setup and management are done by the service provider, the customer can concentrate solely on the progress and development of the company or business in aspects of innovation, creativity, and acquiring profits by exceptional product development.

These services prove to be very convenient as the resources can be accessed almost immediately for those using the similar infrastructure. The client will be able to keep a track of the information from any location and at any time, including after office hours.

Best and Top 10 Cloud Computing Companies

  1. Amazon
  2. Hewlett Packard
  3. SunGard
  4. Brocade
  5. Sales Force
  6. OpSource
  7. rPath
  8. AppCore
  9. Zuora
  10. Cloud Soft
  11. Rackspace
  12. Google Apps
  13. Cross Check
  14. OpsCode
  15. Vmware
  16. Open Nebula
  17. AT&T
  18. Nubifer
  19. Nirvanix
  20. Nimsoft
  21. Kaavo
  22. Cloudera
  23. Microsoft
  24. Relia Cloud
  25. Netsuite
  26. Verizon
  27. Cloud Cruiser
  28. Intacct
  29. Cordys
  30. App Zero
  31. 37 Signals
  32. Arjuna
  33. Panterra Networks
  34. ioTurbine
  35. Gale Technologies
  36. Virtualark
  37. CoreSite
  38. CloudStack
  39. Apprenda
  40. Twilio
  41. Workday
  42. Layeredtech
  43. Soasta
  44. RightScale
  45. Flexiant
  46. Freshbooks
  47. Egnyte
  48. Appistry
  49. Stack IQ
  50. Calxeda
  51. Datapipe
  52. Okta
  53. Vertica
  54. Whamcloud
  55. Adaptive Computing
  56. AppScale
  57. Intalio
  58. Giga Spaces
  59. Eucalyptus
  60. Nasuni
  61. IBM Cloud Computing
  62. Apple
  63. App Fog
  64. CSC
  65. RightScale
  66. Sybase
  67. Qlogic
  68. Linode
  69. Citrix
  70. Vembu
  71. Telecom Brokers
  72. Red Hat
  73. Cloudant
  74. Zenoss
  75. Jumpbox
  76. Basic Gov
  77. Symform
  78. Go Grid
  79. Blue Lock
  80. Joyent
  81. enSTRATUS
  82. Active State
  83. Sentilla
  84. GoodData
  85. Green Revolution Cooling
  86. Jive Social Business
  87. CumuLogic
  88. Whamcloud
  89. Caspio
  90. Engine Yard
  91. Dell
  92. Embrane
  93. Intel
  94. Solid Fire
  95. River Bed
  96. Sea Micro
  97. ITPReneurs
  98. Cisco Systems
  99. Synap Sense
  100. Nimbula

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