Sify’s Cloudinfinit offering Cloud Computing Services in India

Cloud Computing services in India by cloudinfinit

cloudinfinit Sify is one of the largest IT Services providing companies in India. Now, this is entered in to cloud computing business. Sify offering 15 days free trial version to check out their hosting services. Many business companies looking towards these cloud services, because of it’s accurate service and quick support. The cost per hour is less than 5 rupees.

List of cloud computing  and hosting services provided by cloudinfinit:

1.Hybrid cloud computing

2.private cloud computing

3.IaaS-infrastructure as a service

6.PaaS-platform as a service

5.VCloud powered service

6.Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC) is Sify’s cloud computing website, where you can take the various types of cloud computing services like platform as a service and infrastructure as a service based on the Vertical scalability from 1GB to 1000 GB with full of control and data security.

These Sify’s IaaS and PaaS services tie-up with VMware cloud computing company. These services are available in India for all 1,2 and 3 tier cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Noida, Pune, Vizag, Bhopal, and all other cities.

In cloud infinite, you can select a hybrid cloud, private cloud, IaaS, and PaaS services for your business with reasonable prices and secure three-tier architecture on pay per use model. For any queries regarding cost and security issues contact directly to Sify’s

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