A Guide to Public Cloud Computing and Providers

Public cloud Computing

Know everything about public cloud computing and the best service providers.

Every category of cloud computing is made suitable to a certain section of society. The business requirements, accessibility, cost effectiveness and security required determines the type of cloud computing needed by that particular business. One such type of cloud computing is public cloud computing. This type of service is used by the customers through the Internet that does not have strict restrictive policies.

The architecture of this type of a cloud has several benefits that a customer can enjoy. Public cloud computing was designed originally to provide easy access and a resourceful environment. Information and data from this type can be accessed from anywhere and at any time as well.

There are many cloud computing companies offering public cloud hosting services for business.Amazon EC2,Google App Engine and VMWare are some of the top Public Cloud providers in the present market.For a business to set up without spending too much on capital and other expenses, it is advisable to go in for public cloud computing. Here are a few advantages of using such a cloud,

1.Capital costs are reduced and this type of computing involves resources that will benefit the company on the long run. Since it is public in nature, the resources would contain different ranges of data and information suiting different businesses.

2.Access to information and data is more as compared to other types of cloud computing and can be tapped from any location.

3.This technology is highly reliable. And it is due to this reason that cloud computing has become popular in the first place.

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