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Microsoft is once again making use of its current status and position in the ever-increasing competitive market. With the introduction and launch of windows office 365, it is intending to take place in their struggle with Google Inc. Azure and the Microsoft cloud computing system utilized more quickly by start ups and small entrepreneurs who large and expensive servers previously.

Cloud computing services from Microsoft allow access to important documents and programs from any device through an internet connection. There are a lot of discussions about the uses of Microsoft cloud computing and its basic elements.

The basic tenet of Microsoft cloud computing

The basic tenet of Microsoft cloud computing is that its multiple networks are faster better and stronger. They are protected better than the average computer. One of the good benefits of cloud computing is its automatic backup as it ensures much larger areas for data storage. So anything that is saved on the cloud will be stored in multiple spaces, guaranteeing you that you will always find it when needed.

Microsoft has revolutionized the way we think about the storage of data and the way we treat, work with our information. Some of the benefits of Microsoft cloud computing are so subtle that we can’t notice that the improving the efficiency of IT responsiveness while reducing the cost. Microsoft will provide you with an application that will save you money and time when you use cloud computing. By now we have probably come to know that Microsoft Azure is a serious platform that proves as a terrific tool for developers.

Overwhelming, the cloud has proven success in replacing traditional business email environments. Constant applications, server replacements, and software costs training are making it very expensive to maintain. Operating on an aging Microsoft exchange platform, a database of the mailbox had grown to its maximum size without any chance of adding additional message stores.

Microsoft in the race of cloud computing

Presently Microsoft is using 75% of its 100,000 cloud-related projects. The implication here is that Microsoft is dedicating much of its resources to dominate the future of cloud computing. In an attempt to dominate Goole apps, Microsoft is planning to make a part of its upcoming office 2010 a free cloud-based productivity platform.

Along with this Microsoft with be providing an online, free, light version of Microsoft produces to window live subscribers. Incorporating a layer of virtualization, it is automatically handling the problem of load distribution by distributing resources between data centers depending on volumes Microsoft is trying to develop cloud computing services for every customer and Azure windows are open to other development tools and other programming languages like eclipse and PHP.

Benefits of cloud computing training with Microsoft and its certification

Cloud computing with Microsoft provides you will the power to extend your business with productivity, application development and collaboration tools and more. It has launched a new line of certifications for cloud related services. They are the first who have launched cloud certifications for their native services. If you are an employee in Microsoft domain/ NET or any idea to start a career in Microsoft services, then the cloud computing certification by Microsoft proves to be an ideal choice for you.

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