Top 5 Best Free Cloud Storage Service Providers in 2021

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Cloud Storage free Service providers like Dropbox, iCloud, box, Sugar sync, Sky drive, and many more sites offering to storage data insecure. Here you can have the top 5 cloud storage providers list with an explanation before choosing your free service. Here the concept is, you can store your data in the cloud and access it anywhere in the world by having a computer/laptop, smart phone,iPad, and other supported devices with an internet connection online. Still many users thinking that, is storage data secure in the cloud?no doubt that your data will be secure. It’s a completely free service with limited storage capacity and it will be varied depends on cloud storage providers. you can get more details on backup options, security, file uploads limit, etc.

List of best and top 5 free cloud storage service providers

  • 1.Dropbox
  • 2.Icloud
  • 4.Skydrive
  • 5.Sugar Sync


Basic Storage Capacity:2GB

Under referred Sign Up:8GB (Additional Space)

Total free Storage Capacity: more than 10GB

Dropbox offering 2GB Free data storage option in basic. But if you sign up using any referred link will get an additional 8GB for free. So totally you can get 10GB of storage capacity on the website of dropbox. This is the best service to store your photos, videos, and other important documents. you can store the data up to 10GB and access it anywhere on a laptop,iPhone, computer, and dropbox website online. Also, you can share/send this data to others.

Apart from Personal Computer and Laptop, you can also use Dropbox on iPhone, Android, Blackberry OS, and Windows phones by downloading the Dropbox app.

Storage Capacity:5GB

Additional Storage Capacity:50GB(Concessional offer and valid  only for LG Android devices) offering 5GB free storage capacity to store photos, documents, videos, songs, and many more. Like dropbox, also provides additional storage up to 50GB(sessional offer), valid for Xperia and LG Android devices. you can access on laptops, computers, iPhones, Windows phones, and Android devices.


Storage Capacity:5GB

iCloud provides 5GB of free storage space to store data like photos, documents, videos, songs, and many more. Apart from Personal Computer and Laptop, you can also use iCloud in iPhone, Android, Blackberry OS, and Windows phones by downloading the iCloud app. If you want more storage option in iCloud, have to pay additional charges.


Storage Capacity:25GB

Each File Limit:100 MB

SkyDrive is the only service, which offers 25GB of free personal storage capacity but the thing is file limit is just 100MB. If your personal files having 100MB or less then this is the best storage service for you. To sign up in Sky Drive need Windows Live ID.

Using Windows Phone? then use this service to directly upload photos, files, and documents to SkyDrive.Also can access other Android phones,iPhones by downloading the Skydrive app and having the Windows live ID

Sugar Sync

Storage Capacity:5GB

you can download the Sugar sync app for iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobiles, and Symbian devices.Sync/Upload files by using email and share any type of files like photos, songs, videos, documents, etc. The major advantages over other services are back up files on the computer and access the real-time upload changes. The storage capacity of Sugar Sync is 5GB.

The above list is the best and top cloud storage service provider, you can use any, which you like most to store data.

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