Difference between cloud computing and virtualization

Cloud Computing vs. Virtualization: Difference Explained

Cloud Computing and Virtualization are different from each but both works in the same technology to save the future. The below-listed explanation, has the clear difference between Cloud computing and Virtualization models.

Cloud Computing

Computers have become a very common phenomenon in every household and this has left the way for a new paradigm in the industry of information technology. Many companies have realized that instead of having one’s one data center or building one for carrying out their functions, it is much better to get them acquired or rented from other IT service providers who provide outstanding IT service that is strong and safe.

These managed IT services are easy to be obtained with much less maintenance cost and also frees up the managers to concentrate on critical business operations as less important functions are outsourced to these data centers to remain confidential there.

Another advantage of this cloud computing is that server breakdown is very less likely to occur if your service provider is the most reliable one. The data centers also update themselves with sound technical knowledge now and then and impart state-of-the-art technologies.


This term can alternatively be defined as creating a virtual resemblance of something such as a server, operating system, a desktop etc. Virtualization can in fact make your operating system to behave like a group of servers operating in a single domain of computing resources. The technology allows you to run many single operating systems on a single machine at a single time.

This technology is based on the concept of portioning i.e., dividing a single server into many components, and once this is done, each server runs an independent operating system and its respective applications. The organisation can best use this technique of virtualization to involve this in clustering, work load management and partitioning to configure these individual servers into pool of resources.

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