CSA Cloud Computing Certification

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Certification

Cloud computing is becoming a buzzword in the industry of software. It is said that the power of cloud computing and its ability to revolutionize the way we do business. Cloud security alliance (CSA) is a member-driven organization chartered with promoting the use of best practices for providing security assurance with cloud computing. cloud personifies the internet as a medium to collaborate and communicate.

This allows the companies to access applications without any difficulty with their maintenance and installation. Most people conclude that cloud computing is equal to SaaS. However, SaaS is only a part of this largest concept. It is a concept of an effective business model and has the basic ideas to customers to access software applications on-demand over the internet via a web browser. Seeing a rise in this concept and its popularity, major software companies like SAP, OracleIBM, and Microsoft are working on devising the key strategies. There is a general trend of SMEs adopting much faster to a model like this as compared to larger corporations.

Tools of CSA cloud computing

The CSA report tackles cloud security on 13 different fronts, from governance issues like e-discovery, compliance, and audits to operational concerns such as application security and identity management. The CSA report was highlighted with tools like open Solaris VPC gateway which lets users create a secure channel to a virtual private cloud on Amazon’s EC2service, without any special networking hardware.

A series of security-enhanced virtual machine images for EC2 are included. A tool called cloud safety box, which helps the users manage the compression, encryption, and division of information stored on cloud services is also one of the open-source technologies of CSA. The cloud computing certification of CSA is providing a low-cost certification that establishes a robust baseline of cloud security knowledge that in combination with existing professional certifications will help to provide the necessary assurance of user competency in this important time of transition.

Updating of CSA network by cloud computing security frame work

Clouds Security Alliance (CSA) organization addressing best practices for providing security assurance within cloud computing comes in. It is creating a coalition of industry practitioners, corporations, associations, and other stakeholders.

They have announced that CSA governance, risk management, and compliance are a part of it. It was designed to provide a security framework for cloud vendors and customers of the CCM with key information security regulations, standards, and frameworks which were introduced in April 2010.

Cloud security is a massive undertaking and has been significantly advanced since the CSA was formed less than two years ago. In most cases, the provider must ensure that infrastructure is secure and that their client’s data and applications are protected while customers must ensure that the providers have taken the proper security measures to protect their information.

Business continuity and data recovery

Cloud providers have business continuity and data recovery plans in place to ensure that service can be maintained in case of a disaster or an emergency and that lost data can be recovered. According to CSA, cloud computing environments feature on-demand, self-service consumption; aloe broadband access via networks; draw from a pool of shared computing resources, and also involve some type of metering to track usage.

To bring these efficiencies to bear cloud providers have to provide services that are flexible enough to serve the largest customer base possible, maximizing their addressable market.

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