Cloudyn Launches Free Tool to get Amazon Cloud Computing Cost in Advance

Cloudyn-Cloud Cost Efficiency

Cloudyn launches free software and free tool for making sense of Amazon Cloud computing cost and pricing list for your business in advance. Cloudyn is a Cloud cost management company,which is helping with business  hosting and price cost data for free.

Before taking Amazon cloud computing service,simply check out this tool to get the actual price for hosting your business in advance by providing your company name and e-mail address.It will calculate the amazon cloud computing cost for a day and a week for your business in dollars.This is a completely free software tool.

Cloudyn’s toolkit provides thousands of clients with a practical and refreshing view of their cloud usage and cost.Many doubts rising from business owners on Cloud computing costs and they are struggling to get the estimation cost. Now, this job will be done by Cloudy’s tool for free and helps you to choose a better service.

Not only business owners, and also small cloud computing companies/providers also using this tool.

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Written by Sbihi Mohamed


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