Definitive Guide to Cloud Computing Virtualization

Cloud Computing Virtualization

Many people think cloud computing and virtualization are one and the same, but it is not true and these two are completely different phenomenon working on two different phenomenon but both are considered the technologies that would save the future, by far this is the only similarity between the two concepts.

In cloud computing, the users are loaded with easily scalable, reliable and virtualized data with help from the internet. In cloud computing, data can be retrieved by a remotely located database with the help of client’s computer that use the same server to be used for analysis. This in turn eliminates the need for costly operations such as buying own equipment’s and infrastructure.

Cloud computing operates with the help of virtualized resources like some computing devices, servers and networks. The service provider who rents the cloud computing package owns the hardware and provides all these managed services for lease or for rent to his customers as per their usage.

On the other side of the paradigm, virtualization deals with the creation of virtual versions of these servers, operating systems to be used in cloud computing, resources for networks and storage devices. It is with the help of this virtualization are we able to access multiple and many physical devices.

This concept makes use of either one operating system operating many computers to evaluate its functionalists or a single computer that controls all other equipment’s and machines.

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