Some of the recent trends in Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Trends:

Most of the people are concerned about the data safety and reliability of confidential information while moving towards the cloud. But as its advantages outnumber the potential risks, more people are ready for the migration towards this evolution without any confusion or second thought. The reasons attributed to this easy evolution includes less investment during installation, easy and practical features, leased or rented equipment’s with less leverage on the budget etc.

Once decided on the installation of cloud computing services, it is essential to work on deciding what type of cloud hosting to be implemented having one’s business condition in mind. The three widely accepted and used computing techniques include public clouds, private clouds and hybrid clouds.

For all those managers who doubted the security aspects of cloud hosting, the Google apps for business cloud has become the pioneer in ensuring absolute stability of data once the suite gained ISO certification. With cloud web hosting there is assurance on the agility, reliability and stability of the information stored in the cloud.

Yet another recent trend related with cloud hosting is that, The Microsoft Corporation has ditched its old web standards and is trying to reconstruct its applications and designs. It is concentration more on separation of data from the existing business layers which would be a great challenge for .Net developers and other web software engineers.

CERN is planning to join the Helix Nebula initiative which is based on the cloud computing technology aiming to double its data processing capacity and speed. The aim is to coordinate the scientific communities and thus cloud computing finds its widespread application in not just computer related fields but also in matters concerned with science and technology marking its widespread application.

Cloud computing technology has also extended its application to mobile tablet applications, smart phones and mobile apps since mobile technology is the latest evolved technology and thus a variety of cloud applications have been created to cater to the needs of the fast moving tech world.

Cloud security is yet another trendy topic which has been added to the cap of cloud computing technology. Data is one important asset of any organisation and its security even in the cloud is deemed to be most important. Secure tunneling for transfer of data to the cloud infrastructure, thorough and professional identity and access management, proper classification and security levels for all the data that belongs to an organisation are considered to be the most important security issues that need to be addressed by any cloud service provider.

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