Cloud Computing Meaning and simple explanation for beginners

Clear Explanation on Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Meaning

A simple explanation for beginners

Cloud computing meaning: knows as Internet-based computing. this technology provides shared information and software as well as resources on-demand, to many computers and other types of devices.

They are like public utility services on-demand. And here, the term “cloud computing” is used as a symbol for the internet.

Cloud computing represents the internet in a computer network diagram as a concept of the original infrastructure it corresponds to.

Cloud computing uses Virtualization as well as deployment of data and applications on-demand.

this technology delivers services and open source software to businesses so that they can yield substantial business benefits.

With the help of virtualization, cloud computing uses dynamic data centers that supply on-demand services.

As the demands change, resources ramp up or ramp down dynamically, so that they can meet the fluctuating workload.

Applications available in the cloud can replace traditional IT services like:

  • File serving,
  • Storage,
  • CRM,
  • Messaging,
  • And so on.

this is a simple and very clear explanation for beginners of the cloud computing meaning.

What beginners need to know about the cloud computing Benefits:

Cloud computing enables applications to include driving down the runtime, as well as response time also minimizing purchasing, and deploying the physical infrastructure.

Some of the factors that make cloud computing more powerful:

  • Easy systems administration
  • Usage-based pricing
  • Flexibility
  • Energy and cost-saving
  • Maximizing data center footprint

The typical providers of cloud computing services deliver some common online business applications.

which can be accessed using a web browser, while the data and the software are stored on the servers.

Cloud computing is a way of accessing :

  • the stored files
  • computing services
  • software

With the help of the internet instead of accessing the same from your own computer.

Here, the internet is termed as the cloud and you can create, store and even update your own files by using any computer in the world having internet connectivity.

This way, the customers using cloud computing do not have to own physical infrastructure.

cloud computing companies help the customers in reducing capital expenditures, as you can rent your usage from a third-party service provider.

The customers are just using the resources and paying for what they use.

If you are not familiar with how cloud computing works. You can find more explanations of Cloud computing for beginners on this blog, as well as cloud computing advice.

Here, you can have one example of a Cloud computing service provided by the Google.

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