5 Essential Features of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has five essential features and they are:

Cloud Computing has 5 Important Characteristics, they are Rapid Elasticity, Measured Service, On-demand self-service, Everywhere network access, and Resource pooling. you can have the full knowledge of the Cloud computing features list and benefits explained clearly.

1. Rapid Elasticity

Cloud computing has the ability to scale the resources, both ways as per the need and for the consumers, the cloud is infinite and one can buy the computing power as per the need.

2. Measured service

In this feature, the aspects of cloud service are monitored as well as controlled by the service provider. This helps with billing, resource optimization, access control, and capacity planning.

3. On-demand self-service

This feature enables the consumer in using the services as and when required without any interaction with the provider.

4. Everywhere network access

In this feature, the capabilities of the service provider are available over the internet, and it can be accessed by using the standard mechanism by any type of client.

5. Resource pooling

This feature allows the service provider to provide its services through the multi-tenant model. Resources, both virtual and physical, are assigned or reassigned as per the demands of the consumer.

With the above-mentioned features, we can say that cloud computing is all bout software as a service, Utility computing, Web services in the sky, platform as a service, managed service providers, service commerce platforms, and internet integration.

In fact, we already use the concept of cloud computing although many of us don’t know. The services such as Goggle Docs, YouTube, Online file storage, etc … are examples of cloud computing and they are widely used by many people worldwide.

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