Cloud Computing Concepts and Characteristics

Cloud computing is considered as an up-and-coming computing technology using the powers of the internet and taking the help of central and remote servers that maintain various data and applications. It allows the businesses and other customers in using the applications without having to install them on their computers and accessing their own files and folders from any computer enabled with internet connectivity.

This new technology enables the users with much efficient computing with the help of centralized resources like storage, bandwidth, processing, and memory. Cloud computing is divided into three segments and they are applications segment, platforms, and infrastructure segment where each of the segments serves a dissimilar purpose and offers different products for individuals and businesses around the globe.

This way, cloud computing is a way by which you can increase the capacity and add the capabilities without having to invest in new infrastructure, provide training to their new personnel and worry about licensing of new software.

Cloud computing covers any type of pay-per-use or subscription-based service that extends the existing IT capabilities in real-time with the help of the internet.

A study conducted recently has found that the companies using cloud computing have achieved a reduction of 18% on an average in their budget allocated to their IT department along with a reduction of 16% in the power costs consumed by their data center. There are many perceptions related to cloud computing and they range from a simple web-hosted solution to a virtualized processing environment.

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