Best Cloud Computing Companies in Canada

Cloud Computing Companies in Canada-Cloud Computing Service Providers in Canada

Most of the organizations in Canada using Public Cloud computing services like Amazon or Windows Azure.Some others hosting their business in Private cloud computing. In Canada, most business owners don’t know how to secure the data at cloud providers.

According to a recent survey conducted in Canada, release the surprise stats on cloud computing security, about 63 percent of business owners do not know how cloud computing service providers protect sensitive and important data. In fact, this is the truth to say that, still there was no clarity on cloud security issues and risks.

In the list of Canada’s fastest-growing companies(according to,2 Canadian cloud service providers got the place in the top 200 fastest growing companies in Canada. NexJ Systems Inc and TNG Networks Inc are companies, which grow very fast by providing cloud computing services for businesses. Some business owners and organizations are not interesting to take services from U.S based cloud hosting providers.

On other hand,Techzing,Cloudpath and Radiant are the top 3 cloud service providers in Canada.Amazon is the best cloud service provider, but most of the business owners in Canada, looking for local service providers due to security issues and the fastest support. If you also think like that, then go for below listed Canadian cloud service providers, located in Ottawa and Toronto

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