Cloud Computing Apps for Android

Best Android Apps for Cloud Computing

Google Docs,Google Cloud Print,Safe Wallet, and Sugar Sync are the some of the must have and best cloud computing apps for your android phone.Each app provides you valuable services on android phones for free of cost.  Top cloud computing applications than provides new power to your Android Phone.

Google Drive:

Google docs is the part of Google Drive now.Google Docs is one of the best Cloud computing application to store all files,photos and other important data.By using this cloud computing app,you can upload files like photos,Images,Videos and share with others.You can create documents and edit if required by using Create and edit Google spreadsheets.

Google Cloud Print:

Google Cloud Print Android App helps you to print and fax documents stored over cloud.You can easily print files and e-mails.Cloud printer,Easy print,Fiabee,Cloud Print beta are the various apps available under Google Cloud print for your android devices. 

Safe wallet:

Safe Wallet is the another best cloud app for android devices to keeps you safe and secure from identity theft and fraud. SafeWallet password manager is the cloud computing app,you can use to store your passwords, logins and sensitive information.It is very useful app to never forget your important passwords and keep it secure & safe.


Share your photos with friends in Facebook,Twitter and Flickr.Privacy setting option available to share photos with some persons only.Also write some thins about your photo like where it taken,titles,descriptions and comments.Flickr is also powerful cloud computing app,developed by Yahoo Inc for your Android mobiles.Bu using this app upload your quality photos directly in to flickr.


Sugarsync android app helps you to automatically back up and sync photos & videos to your computers.You can share any file or folder over email, Facebook and can download the Sugar sync app for iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobiles and Symbian devices.Sync/Upload files by using email and share any type of files like photos,songs,videos,documents etc.The major advantages over other services is back up files in computer and access the real time upload changes.The storage capacity of Sugar Sync is 5GB.

In addition,Evernote,Spring-pad,EMails,Dropbox,Icloud and mint are also best cloud computing applications for android mobiles.

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