Cloud Computing Advantages and Disadvantages

We take a close look at the Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing advantages and disadvantages, pros, and cons, Uses, Benefits, and Negatives: Planning to purchase Cloud Hosting Service? then have the full knowledge of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing before deciding to move to the cloud. Small and Medium enterprises moving towards the cloud to reduce the cost, but some others thinking about privacy, security, and terms and conditions. On other hand some saying that did not have any idea about Cloud computing.

Basically, there are 4 types of cloud computing services based on location, they are Public, Private, Hybrid, and Community clouds. Based on the Services it’s classified into 3 types commonly known as SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. Here you can have the cloud computing advantages and disadvantages in details.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

1. Flexibility :

So many Peoples love to use cloud computing because of the great advantage of flexibility, users can access stored data anywhere in the world, but the thing is you need a computer/laptop/smartphone/Android /Blackberry and other applicable devices with internet connections. Staff can access the data and files outside the office at any time.

2. Low Cost :

These are the very great advantages for organizations to reduce their cost by having the cloud computing service. And also organizations can concentrate more to expand their business rather than concentrating on Software and hardware updates. Everything is stetted up in host, which automatically saves time and money for any organization.

3. Highly Automated :

No need to purchase updated soft wares, everything has been set – up and ready to use. Here you can also cut an employee, who takes care of software updates, this results to hire another employee to expand/improve business. It’s like G-Mail or Hotmail, which can use by creating an account within seconds/minutes. On other hand it’s tough to download software and again have to install then use it, also have to update the software by paying extra money.

4. Fast Service(Always Up time) :

Cloud computing service providers having infrastructure so servers always up-time. This results in you no destructions in business. Depending upon business needs have to choose plans for fast access service.

5. More Storage Capacity :

No need to worry about your lot of data and files to store, this provides more data to save the files on the server. Here depending upon the data and usage you can choose the plans, available in different modes. Everything is online, store your entire data in the cloud and can access it at any time in the browser.

Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

1. Privacy :

your data,files and every thing stored at third party server(cloud hosting vendor’s),your e-mails,social networking records and everything stored in hosting.So many of organisations looking to take best hosting service,which provides privacy policy and guarantee.

2. Security :

Again Security is a big concern,does third party give full security to files and data?this is a big question to give the clear conclusion to organisations.Security along with guarantee is very important for any organisation.Al most of all cloud computing companies giving the guarantee on security.

3. Transferability :

If you want to move from one cloud to another cloud,that is from one hosting provider to another,have to face more problems.It’s not easy to move to other hosting provider because of migration process will take time to transfer files,which indirectly your business in off line for some time/days.

4. Downtime :

This is the panic situation for business owner,when site goes offline for some time.No doubt that this issue have to face every body.Even Amazon,Google and Apple websites faced this problems.So think that,what’s your business compared to those big companies.There was no other option for complete solution to avoid downtime completely.

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