Advantages and Benefits of Public Cloud Computing

Public cloud computing advantages

There are three important classifications of cloud computing, public cloud computing, private cloud computing and managed cloud computing. Each category has its own advantages and benefits a certain type of business. Public cloud computing is quite popular providing services where the customer pays by the hour.Always try to choose better public cloud provider like Google app engine,vmware or Amazon for best services.

There are a number of advantages of public cloud computing that sets it apart from the other categories. Most small and upcoming businesses employ the use of public cloud computing as it helps the company to grow, expand and help in its development both with infrastructure and profits.

Clouds have been designed to contend on the bases of price. The public clouds allow the customers to break it down into smaller components in order for them to easily optimize their clouds according to the costs. In order for the customer to acquire a cost platform that is low, the public cloud can be designed through a hypervisor which is an open source, hosts which are non-redundant and have local storage.

An important advantage of using public clouds is that the payment to the provider can be done by the hour. This way the customer would be paying only for what he uses. When not in use, the server can be shut down until the next time you use it and pay exactly for how long it was on. Along with the cost effective nature of these clouds, many providers give API access.

This application enables the customers to start up and shut down servers through this easy to use application. Having API access is very useful for those enterprises that require a large number of servers to be operated. This shows that the company would not be burdened by the large initial and running costs that most companies need to have an organized structure.

This type of a cloud can be bought online through the various providers. Unlike a private cloud that would be designed according to the requirements of a client, a public cloud is designed in general with the client making changes to the cloud using the customer friendly options. The configuration desired and the startup of the cloud can be done online as well.

Every category has been created with certain applications and uses in mind. The public cloud also has specific limits that are perfect for certain types of businesses. One such application is regression testing. This is one of the best examples of the use of a public cloud. It has the ability to use a large number of servers, increasing the speed and reducing the time taken to solve problems.

With this ability, if there are problems with a server or two, they can be shut down without interfering with the process or losing data that is important to the company. Thus, it is important for the customer to use the right cloud for the application and infrastructure needed by the company.

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