Organizations should no longer decide whether to move to the cloud for new or existing systems. The decision to be made now is what, how, and when to move to the cloud.

Currently: we are a highly experienced advisory team of cloud experts, So we can journal our journey to the cloud world. At first, it might look like ‚just another blog, but after digging deeper, you‚ll find ample reasons to stay glued to the site.

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If you’ve ever browsed YouTube for videos, streamed music online, or even just sent and received e-mails, you’ve used cloud computing services. The cloud has been around us for a long time and it’s only now that we’ve started realizing its full potential.

If you are even a basic computer user, likely, you have already used some form of cloud computing service. Any entirely online service you use, be It e-mail, file storage or sharing, or even media streaming, uses cloud computing technology. if you have used any service that doesn’t require you to download and install specific software or store any data locally, you have used the cloud.

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4.What your company offer-compare to others

5.Technical support information

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